Hellfire over Hebron

Tel Aviv.
Eight people dead and twenty one wounded after the IDF helicopter raid over the orthodox quarters in Hebron on the West Bank. IDF describes the operation as retaliation for the Saturday terror shooting against a gay center in Tel Aviv. Amnesty reports that twelve women and nine children were among the killed in the retaliation raid. A spokeswoman for the IDF announced that the operation had ended satisfactorily with the deaths of the at least two members of the supposed terrorist organization behind the Saturday shooting.

Jerusalem Post,  August 3, 2009. Tel Aviv.

(Attention! The article is completely fictionary and its only purpose to create a debate concerning the political climate in Israel) Read the original article about the shootings in Tel Aviv at: dn.se

I think this article, since the story is complete unthinkable, gives you an idea about how different Israel policies really are when it comes to whether the terrorists are of Jewish or Muslim decent.


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