The threat to Israel

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Israel counts the number of rockets fired while the Palestinians count their dead. The question is, how come? Maybe it wouldn’t look good to compare the number of killed Israeli civilians to the number of killed Palestinian civilians?

Thousands of rockets have been fired with the unquestionable intention of killing a lot of people, how come they haven’t? The rocket mainly used by the militant Palestinian resistance groups is called al Qassam.

The al Qassam is a homemade, primitive rocket, very similar to the Soviet made Katyusha rocket dating back to the Second World War. It completely lacks accuracy due to its non-existing guidance system (used in modern weapons of this category).

Most of the rockets end up in the desert or in the ocean, and those actually hitting a town have a very small chance of killing anyone due to the rocket’s limited area of explosion.

The Hamas propaganda poster is to begin with animated in a way that greatly exaggerates the explosion that a Qassam rocket is able to cause. Before the outbreak of the Gaza campaign Israeli officials stated that the Qassam attacks were to be considered a psychological rather than a physical threat to Israel.

According to the Israel ministry of foreign affairs four Israelis have been killed by rocket and mortar fire from Gaza Since December 27. None can claim to have the exact number of Palestinian civilian casualties.

What’s certain is that during the same period, 27th of December to this day on, three Israeli civilians have been killed compared over 300 children and 100 women on the Palestinian side.

"But he did it first" are childrens rhetorics

It is true Hamas is a terrorist organization with an outspoken intention of killing civilians.
But IDF as the protector of these civilians have killed more women and children in 18 days than Hamas have done in their entire time as a terrorist and political organization (1987-2009).

Therefore I think, however the intent, that the IDF and the Israeli government officials responsible, should be questioned on their methods of engagement in this unfortunate upswing of violence initiated by militant organizations on the Gaza strip the 27th of December last year, still being extended and worsend by Israel to this day on.

Israel cannot justify war crimes by simply blaming Hamas.  For the massive civilian casualties IDF cause by air striking densely populated areas in the Gaza strip, their actions should be subjected to an examination by the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Focus on what is important!

To act against Israel is not beneficial to the Palestinians. During some protests the calls for a boycott against Israel are the only thing you hear.

When it comes to actually supporting the Palestinian struggle where are these people? I get the feeling that I protest alongside populist Israel-haters and that saddens me. The Palestinian people should be the one and only focus.

Not only is a boycott highly unrealistic to be carried out by enough countries to have any recognizable effect on the Israeli economy but would also be a direct way of making life even harder for the Palestinians.

The hypothesis of Israel in serious economic difficulties being subject to a boycott alongside a bankrupt Palestinian would furthermore certainly lead to war.

Focus on supporting the suffering civilians or go home!


Bortförd, tillfångatagen eller kidnappad? krigsfånge eller inte?

Det är extra tragiskt när unga människor dras in i konflikter och blir offer för brutalitet och hat de inte varit med att bygga upp. Gilad Shalit, en av många mycket unga soldaterna i IDF (Israel Defense Forces) blev under en attack mot en gränsövergång mot gaza bortförd av soldater från Hamas militära gren Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

En Israelisk korpral "kidnappas" och västvärldens media intresse är enormt, historien om Gilad är huvudnyheter i flera dagar.

Hundratals palestinska barn terrorister har förts bort och blivit satta i israeliska fängelser (idag sitter runt 300 barn i israeliska fängelser) var är reaktionerna från media? var är de veckolånga rapporterna och kraven från väst?

Vilka äger västbanken?

Det beror på vad man har för utgångspunkt.

1. Antingen ockuperar israel militärt västbanken som erövrats av fd.Transjordan, och med pågående bosättningspolitik bryter de därmed mot genevekonventionen. då "palestinajordanerna" som bott där i några hundra år har äganderätt.

2. Eller så är västbanken en del av israel och då praktiserar israel apartheid, dvs samma politik som nazityskland inledningsvis gjorde med judarna under andra världskrigets första skede med ghettobildning.

3. Eller så är västbanken en del av zionistdrömmen
"storisrael"  som ockuperats av ickejudar i tvåtusen år.

Jag anser att västbanken är ockuperat
område och "semiterna" eller vad du än vill kalla de judar och palestinier som bott där och ägt sin mark. de har rätt till den, och den rätten tycker kan inte tas ifrån dem genom krigshandlingar.

A modern westernfashion state airstriking refugeecamps is a cause for alarm

Hamas is the problem but Israel is what caused Hamas in more than one way. Israel has on numerous occasions been backing certain organizations in Lebanon and Palestine to counter other organizations in the same area. Christians in Lebanon, and various organizations in palestine, ironically Israel supported fractions that would become the Hamas (as we know it today) to counter the growing political power of PLO (Al - Fatha).

Arming these organizations may have saved Israeli soldiers but has caused civil wars and the deaths of thousands of civilians and a Islamic non-compromising regime in the Gaza strip.

After 60 years of war the main political issue is all about security and the possibility to provide for one's family, the first issue concerns both sides, but the second is a sheer Palestinian one. In the Gaza strip PLO wasn't able to deliver either one of these main human needs due to hopes of compromising with the wall that is Israel's face now also litteraty.

Israel has the power to accomplish a military, political and economic solution to this crisis where so many civilians die in vain. My hope goes to the people of Israel to vote for a new Israeli government that will look at Palestinians as people and as a people.

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