A modern westernfashion state airstriking refugeecamps is a cause for alarm

Hamas is the problem but Israel is what caused Hamas in more than one way. Israel has on numerous occasions been backing certain organizations in Lebanon and Palestine to counter other organizations in the same area. Christians in Lebanon, and various organizations in palestine, ironically Israel supported fractions that would become the Hamas (as we know it today) to counter the growing political power of PLO (Al - Fatha).

Arming these organizations may have saved Israeli soldiers but has caused civil wars and the deaths of thousands of civilians and a Islamic non-compromising regime in the Gaza strip.

After 60 years of war the main political issue is all about security and the possibility to provide for one's family, the first issue concerns both sides, but the second is a sheer Palestinian one. In the Gaza strip PLO wasn't able to deliver either one of these main human needs due to hopes of compromising with the wall that is Israel's face now also litteraty.

Israel has the power to accomplish a military, political and economic solution to this crisis where so many civilians die in vain. My hope goes to the people of Israel to vote for a new Israeli government that will look at Palestinians as people and as a people.

Swedish news at  DN.se

Postat av: Joe

Man skall ju inte heller glömma att Isarel en gång i tiden stöttade Hamas etablering i de palestinska områdena för att försvaga Fatah. Grattis till en bra strategi, nu omfamnar alla västliga regeringar de "fina" regimerna i Egypten och Saudi för att de också kritiserar Hamas. Vilka bra demokratiförebilder

2009-01-03 @ 21:43:29

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